May 23: Michael’s Chicago Italian


Here is that funky wedge shaped building on Sandy Blvd (I’m shoot a lot on Sandy these days). There are a lot of them because while Portland streets are laid out in an orderly grid, Sandy cuts across the east side at a diagonal, slicing neat rectangular blocks as it goes.

There’s construction all around this place now. Interestingly, one building completely surrounds and overlaps a piece of this one. There is a place in this building called Michael’s Chicago Style Italian Beef. It’s been there for years. I love a Chicago Style Italian Beef sandwich, but unfortunately Michael is kind of a jerk, a curmudgeonly old conservative Republican who harangues his liberal customers like some angry sandwich troll. That and the sandwiches are a bit miserly and the place has no ambiance in the place. Why he lives in Portland I’ll never know. I can’t imagine he’s happy. How does he stay in business? Maybe it’s supported by a secret Fox News cabal of Portland right-wingers. See? Progressives can have conspiracy theories too.


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