August 27: Foggy Shoreline

Tree in the fog at beach 4

I’d planned for some months to pack pack along the Western shorline of the Olympic Penninsula. Days before my trip I got the flu. And despite being August it began to rain. Change of plans. Hotels. AirBnB. Day trips that afford dry sleeping.

When I pulled over for the first coast view near South Beach it was so socked in with fog I could barely see for 50 feet. I’d hoped to take a lot of photographs of what I understand to be a spectacular coastline full of sea stacks, doug fir, spruce, cedar, and romantic cliff walls. I was thus a bit disappointed.

By the time I got to Beach 4 (it comes right after Beach 3) I had a change of attitude. I’m in a temperate rain forest. The fog is right as rain. There is a romance to this place. So quiet, forlorn, and hauntingly beautiful. It’s certainly not the kind of photography I was expecting, but I’m really liking it.



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