January 9: Rook’s Barbershop Downtown


This is the downtown Rook’s location. It’s in the Medical Dental Building, which is this odd 10 story-ish building near the main library full of dentist offices. The dentist I’ve been seeing for the past 17 years is in this building. The Rook’s is fairly new.

I know the proprietor of Rook’s as well. A guy named Justin. He’s got around five locations now, but I remember when he started. He had a single chair shop–just him–in a tiny building the width of a small hallway on NE Broadway near Hollywood. He’s built quite an empire over the past eight or so years. I’ve been getting my hair cut at Rook’s since the beginning.

This photo project makes me realize I’ve lived in Portland for a long time now–longer than anywhere else I’ve lived in my life.

This place is haunted.


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