January 5: Home Sick Day 4


Starting the year of right. This is my fourth day home sick with the flu. I’m starting to come back to life, working a bit from home. Still stuck in doors with nothing to shoot. It’s dark and rainy, and I’m shooting with natural light. Best shot I could muster was another selfie near the front window. Finally dressed but still unshowered. I hope to get outside this weekend. 40mm f/2.8


4 thoughts on “January 5: Home Sick Day 4

  1. Don’t you have a sink or something that you could photograph? A chair? A table? Something that you might want to sell in the future, like a diary? Come on man, your abode can’t be THAT empty!!!!

  2. Your cup of tea? I know – YOUR COMPUTER!!!! That’s got a lot of cachet, these days. . . (And, to protect my ego, I’ll assume that you’re sleeping because you’re still sick, not because of my brilliant suggestions. . .)

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